Thursday, November 10, 2011

Ron Paul or Bust!

Ron Paul or Bust!

by: Jesse Penick

So there has finally been a “scientific” poll if Ron Paul were to run as an independent.  18% of “likely voters” would vote for Ron Paul right now.  That number would drastically increase over time once Romney, Obama, and Paul all three got on stage together. I say this because Ron Paul is so much different than the other two.  

Both sides put us in the predicament that we are in and Ron Paul predicted the bubbles and he is predicting more!  Furthermore, the peace candidate typically wins when you look at past presidential elections including Obama and Bush.  What is significant about this is what Ron Paul’s supporters say, even though Dr. Paul said he won’t run as a third party.  We would still write him in.  We, like Dr. Paul, would never falter on our morals now or ever, since we have been released from our chains and our blindfolds taken off.

The only hope for Obama to leave office would then logically be for Ron to obtain the nomination.  We do not straight ticket vote, we do not fall lightly, we will not vote for Obama or Romney. This statement is not just my statement but a common statement said by the run of the mill Ron Paul supporter, typically found on comments that you read on random news stories and Ron Paul support pages.

Ron Paul publicly said he would not support Romney or Obama or any other candidate that does not support his views because it would mean he would be turning on his values and his supporters and all of our hard work. Pundits and politicians alike have said (most notably Hillary Clinton while under oath in Congress) and reported about the dedication and energy we, as supporters, have so wake up and be liberated yourself or prepare to hand the election to the future “First Elected Dictator of America”.

When I say Ron Paul or bust, it means exactly that.  Not that Obama would win, but the American people would lose.  This election will prove that it is not about a politician winning but that the people win.  

If the people lose in 2012 then be prepared for the worst decade in the existence of societies.  Dr. Paul’s predictions will once again come true and you, the people, will only be able to blame yourself and no longer the politicians because you have been warned and had a fighting chance to do the right thing and make your vote a moral vote; whether you believe your moral vote is to help the old and poor or to allow capitalism to reign as it should.  Ron Paul protects all of your rights and liberties from the day you are conceived and throughout your life!

We are the 18%! Dr. Ron Paul or Bust!

Jesse Penick is a 30 year old college student studying Supply Chain Management at the University of Houston - Downtown.

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