Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Ron Paul is the winner!

Ron Paul killed with what little time the establishment gave him! Don't debate the only DOCTOR in the field on healthcare and don't argue with a man that has predicted everything that you claim to want to fix! He is the ONLY person to actually reign in government and he is the Champion of the Constitution!

Next: Found this on a message board:

Attention Ron Paul: "privatizing" is not the answer to everything; there is no business incentive to privatize activities with no profit potential, like airport security screening.
It's time for someone to show Mr. Paul back to his room at the home.
Ron Paul would laugh in your face! The business incentive is that if you don't provide safe travel for your customers then you don't get business! This is the most ignorant thing I've ever heard.  That is all for now!

Except at 11:02p.m. after the debate Ron Paul has almost doubled the 2nd place in the MSNBC poll! Out of 27,582 votes, Ron Paul leads with 40.8% of the votes (11,240) and 2nd place is Mitt with 22.6% (6,237). Clear winner only hours after the debate!

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