Thursday, February 2, 2012

An analogy for non-RP supporters

Here's an analogy for the non-Doctor Know supporters:
by: Jesse Penick

You go in for your yearly check-up and your doctor, that you've had for decades, tells you that your health is amazing; your health is so good that it is actually improving with age and you might live forever!

Doctor Paul, who has been promoting good eating habits and exercise, gets a hold of your chart and tries to intervene and says, "You have an extremely high chance of having cancer! Do this or it will eventually get really bad for you!" Your doctor tells you that he's just some crazy kook so you believe him.

Ten years later you go in for your check-up and the doctor tells you the same thing and Doctor Paul rushes in and tries to scream, "No! Listen to me!" But since he's a crazy kook who's only been right about a few things you brush it off saying that everyone has to be right sometimes.

Seven years later you're looking for a new doctor since yours is leaving his practice and Doctor Paul tries to get the job but since he's a kook you take the advice of your previous doctor and hire the same kind of doctor.

One day you get excruciating pain all over your body and go to your doctor and scream that he's been wrong! Instead of going to the doctor that tried to warn you, you hire a spiritual healer. "The road to Hell is paved with good intentions." That spiritual healer finishes off your previous doctors treatment plus one more dose. Your condition only gets worse and worse so you start looking for a new doctor. Instead of going to the doctor that tells you how and why you got sick, you call your doctor that got it wrong and he tells you that there's this new doctor in town! His name is Newt Walker Obomney! You start to go to him and realize you're just not getting better but we have to keep trying!

You still don't go to the doctor that could have, is trying to, and will help you at a cheaper price than any doctor out there.

The reason PaulB.O.T.s (Brain Orientated Thinkers) get so angry is because you're obviously being stupid and you don't realize that your cancer is spreading to us! Please... for the love of your country, your neighbors, and your children: Vote the only doctor, veteran, and the person that predicted why we are sick.

Doctor No, Doctor Know, Doctor Paul, and hopefully soon: President Paul!

Jesse Penick is a 31 year old Supply Chain Management student at the University of Houston - Downtown and member of the Youth for Paul organization.

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