Sunday, July 10, 2011

Wow It's been a long time!

So a lot has happened since January.  If anyone has any questions to what I think about WWJD then feel free to ask.
Few links you need to check out.

Ron Paul is my pick for president!  I know some of his stuff can be a little unorthodox sometimes but seriously listen to his ideas.

Casey Anthony should have been acquitted... I don't care what anyone says.  The jurors were right in their decision because the prosecution couldn't  PROVE she did it.  Now don't get this confused with do I think she did it because honestly I think she did.

Red light cameras are back on in Houston.  I'm all for this.  The only people that don't want them are people who run red lights. Period.

Not really in the writing mood but wanted to put something out there.

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