Sunday, January 9, 2011

Dear Jon...

Recently a Facebook friend sent me an email with some of his thoughts about my blog and he asked me to respond.
"there are some things that are so outdated in the constitution that i think it needs to be reviewed. mistakes like prohibition...things that didn't work like returning a slave back to his owner no matter what state he lives in..."
These are kept on record to show where we have come from.  It is reviewed constantly by law makers and your average every day citizen.  Yes somethings can be called out dated but why is it that America has lasted as long as it has with everyone being jealous of it.  The Constitution in vague.  Thus the constant fighting of people with different back grounds.  Some of the Constitution will actually contradict itself.  This allows people in the 21st century to have the same Constitution as the people in the 18th century.  There are certain judges, lawyers, and citizens that read the Constitution completely differently from each other.  If we always went with the letter of the law then we would certainly get no where.
" that's not happening when certain sides block over-all progress when they don't get their way."
This has been happening since the beginning of time.  Some delegates from some Northern States on July 4th purposely were not there so sign it because they agreed that it would have to be a unanimous decision.  That state was Pennsylvania if you wanna fact check me. :-)  Because that delegate would not sign Penn. sent a entirely new delegation so that they would sign it.  If you don't like what you see then do something about it.  There were many people in that Congress that signed it even though it went against their moral judgement.  Jefferson wanted slaves freed even though he had quite a few of them.  Thus came the 3/5ths Compromise.  Cruel and unjust in it's concept but that were the kind of things that people would succumb to get the other side of the isle to vote for it.  Bill of Rights, written by Anti-Federalists, later to become Republicans is one of those things that we must not forget.  These people did  not worry about what religion or where you came from but what was for the good of the people.  These people wanted a smaller government and these people were a minority.  They stalled legislation to get one of the most important things introduced in our history as a country.

The rest of the letter goes into separation of Church and State and the religious aspects of what is on the dollar bill.  These issues will be answered at a later date.

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